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Hydro Dermabrasion training.

€ 350,00

Hydro Dermabrasion with certificate!


Hydro-dermabrasion facial treatment,


This is the ideal treatment for the busy man or woman who wants to keep looking well-groomed. Hydro-Dermabrasion gives a direct result and within 45 minutes you are outside again with a beautiful healthy radiant skin.


What does the Hydro-Dermabrasion treatment do? machine exactly?

No more sanding, as with microdermabrasion, but a very effective mild form of hydradermabrasion with unique serums. These serums rinse the upper skin layers, soften dead skin cells and impurities (glycol fruit acid peeling). By removing it, the skin can now be effectively nourished and hydrated into the deepest layers. With the innovative Vortex-Fusing technique, the Tower secretes effective antioxidants, growth factors, hyaluronic acid and peptides into the dermis. Hydro Dermabrasion detoxes and stimulates your skin into the deeper layers.


What kind of results can you expect with this treatment?

The result is visible immediately after the first treatment.
A super healthy radiant skin!

The blood circulation is improved, your gray skin starts to shine again, pigment spots, dry wrinkles, fine lines and large pores decrease drastically.
New collagen, elastin and hyaluron will be formed in the coming weeks. Your skin tightens, feels smoother and regains volume, deeper wrinkles are filled, resulting in a clearly visible and long-lasting skin improvement.

Smoother skin:
The latest treatment to quickly reduce pigmentation, age spots and discoloration from sun damage and restore the skin. tackles the problem at source with the powerful ingredient Alpha-Arbutin, which inhibits melanin (pigment) production.


For whom is the Hydro-Dermabrasion treatment suitable?

• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Skin slackening
• Hyperpigmentation and sun damaged skin
• Oily and impure skin
• Coarse pores and smoker's skin
• Signs of skin aging
• Couperose and rosacea



This non-surgical safe treatment gives guaranteed results and feels very comfortable. This treatment does not need a recovery period, you can go straight to work. You can have this treatment performed once a month or opt for a course of 3 to 6 treatments, so that you can achieve a structural and sustainable skin improvement in a natural and safe way.

We always give the course 1 to 1 so that all attention goes to you!
Duration of the training:

1 day 5 hours

Home study practice:

About 4 hours

Comparable to MBO-3

For use in:

From 16 years - No previous education required