Permanent Makeup Training Eyeliners.

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On this page I want to give you information about permanent make-up. I would like to explain the many advantages of this. Permanent make-up is a make-up that will give you years of pleasure and convenience and, if done correctly, without risk. It is also known as PMU, micropigmentation, cosmetic tattoo, medical tattoo, makeup tattoo or semi-permanent makeup.


My specialization lies in permanent make-up eyebrows 3D hairstrokes and eyeliners. With 3D hairstrokes, hairs are tattooed between the existing hairs, pieces of missing eyebrow are filled in or when you no longer have eyebrows, full eyebrows are created. This has the most natural result. The pigments that are used are derma codes for the eyeliners and biotouch for the lips and eyebrows.



In this modern age, women want to look well-groomed, with permanent make-up you are ready in an instant. Getting up in the morning with the perfect eyebrows and / or eyeliner will save you a lot of time in your morning ritual. You don't feel as naked in the morning when you look in the mirror. But not only in the morning you enjoy your permanent make-up, but also with sports, swimming, sweating, and so on, you don't have to worry about a spreading eyeliner or half an eyebrow. This makes it a solution for people with allergies, certain diseases such as Alopecia Areata or prior to chemotherapy. Because you no longer need to apply make-up, you save a lot of time and money. So you can see it as an investment in yourself. Permanent make-up is therefore a much sought-after treatment and, if properly applied, gives a very natural result.


With permanent make-up, dm.v. an ultra-thin needle of natural minerals (pigments) brought into the skin. These pigments are approved by the GGD and do not contain any carcinogenic substances. Accurate application of permanent make-up requires craftsmanship and reliable equipment. All diplomas and experience in this field are of course available to me.

Earlier, permanent make-up applied elsewhere that you are not satisfied with can in many cases be improved by me.


Your eyebrows and / or eyeliner will be pre-drawn so that you can see how they will eventually become (in consultation with you of course) and I will discuss the correct color with you.





When you visit our salon for a permanent make-up, we first go through a questionnaire with you, in which precaution is paid to any illness, medication, allergies, etc. Then the desired eyeliner or eyebrow is drawn and we discuss the color. Treatment is started if desired. This is not really painful, but not completely numb.



The treatment for applying an eye liner (for top and bottom) takes about 60 minutes. 3d hairstroke technique eyebrows takes a total of 60 minutes. After the pigmentation we close with a soothing cream. Keep in mind that on this day your eyes will be swollen. The healing process is different for everyone. After 6 weeks you will come back and we will look together at the result and whether something needs to be updated. You should definitely not take alcohol or aspirin 24 hours before and after treatment!



Do not apply cream until the skin has healed. Do not clean with soap, shampoo or cleansing milk for the first week after treatment. Do not sunbathe for the first week or at least do not expose the treated parts to intensive sunlight. Do not consume alcohol for up to 24 hours after treatment. After four to six weeks, you will come for post-treatment. During post-treatment, we update any spots where necessary. You may want the colors to be more intense or slightly more accentuated or because the skin has repelled the ink, which is also discussed and carried out during the after-treatment.

Today we teach you everything about putting the permanent make-up eyeliners.


We always give the course 1 to 1 so that all attention will go to you this day.

We provide training at the Beauty Relax Spa Savannah building

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Duration of the training:

1 day 4 hours

Home study practice:

About 4 hours

Comparable to MBO-3

For use in:

From 16 years - No previous education required