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Permanent Make-up Training Color theory.

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The eyebrow colors are made up of three colors: red, yellow and blue. These are the primary or basic colors. Simply put, you can say the following: warm eyebrow pigments contain more red, blonde colors more yellow and cool colors more blue. It is important that you know which pigment falls under which type. Make an overview. For a good range it is important that you have at least two pigments of each type of color. For the cool undertone actually three, you will use these the most.

Super cool
If someone has a cool undertone, you get a cool pigment. Someone is cool when there is no red in their original hair. With a cool type, you should look at one more thing: her blood flow, especially where you want to treat. Is her blood flow above average, you call her "Super Cool". The skin will quickly show the pigment too cool. This is due to the "blue" in her skin of all the blood in the small capillaries. Blood is blue. Just think of the expression: "blue from the cold, someone has blue lips or a blue nose". With a Super Cool undertone you always have to add something of soft orange to your chosen (cool) color. This immediately corrects the blue in the skin, so that your chosen color remains as you intended it.

If someone has a warm undertone, you pick up a pigment with a bit more red and / or orange, so a warm pigment. Here you do not have to check whether someone is Super Cool, because there is already heat in the color. If you work too deep, everything seems too cool. Therefore always work lightly and superficially.

If you mix two primary colors together, you get secondary colors. These are: green, violet and orange. You can partly make corrections with these colors.


On this day we teach you everything about the colors and skin types, so that you know what can and cannot be done with your customers.

We always give the course 1 to 1 so that all attention goes to you this day!


We provide training at the Beauty Relax Spa Savannah building


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Duration of the training:

1 day 4 hours

Home study practice:

About 4 hours

Comparable to MBO-3

For use in:

From 16 years - No previous education required