Infrawrap & muscle stimulation training.

€ 300,00

Slimpress PRESSOTHERAPY (compression) air pressure massage and lymphatic drainage with infrared

PAY ATTENTION!! These are the possibilities of the press suit. The prices can be found per item on our price list. Combination of infrared and presso is an effective way of reducing cm and celullites.

Pleasant custom massage waves provide drainage, fat burning, firming, cellulite reduction and detoxification.

Pressotherapy uses a technical treatment method that makes circulation in lymph and blood vessels more efficient, so that they continuously fight the skin imperfections such as cellulite, local fat and fluid accumulation. Is also a very relaxed pampering moment for yourself.
A gentle and gentle massage technique to remove waste products from the body. During the pressure, the lymph vessels open and then they have the opportunity to close again.
In this way, the waste products are removed from the tissue.


A well-functioning lymphatic system plays an extremely important role in our immune system and ensures the removal of waste products. Lymph, the fluid that passes through the lymphatic vessels, removes germs and waste products from the body. Lymphatic drainage is a very effective way to strengthen the immune system, to release tension, to drain excess moisture. A malfunctioning lymphatic system also has a negative effect on fat burning (metabolism), which means that more fat is stored and thus makes losing weight more difficult. Lymph drainage ensures that the lymph circulation flows up to ten times faster than normal. This treatment has a very relaxing effect and makes the skin look better and healthier. It also reduces stress and chronic fatigue.

The many benefits of pressotherapy can be exceptional.

Stimulation of blood and lymph circulation
Removal of waste / cleaning of the body
Firming and increased elasticity of the skin
Faster removal of body fat
Activates the metabolism / metabolism
Reduction of cellulite and local fat deposits
Drainage of fluid build-up / edema
Burn more calories through the infrared function
Reduction of stress, fatigue, listlessness
Increase in vitality with complaints such as burnout
Improving sleep
Reduction of restless, heavy and / or painful legs
Relieving (muscle) pains
More energy
A very relaxed pampering moment for yourself, both inside and out
During a treatment of 30 minutes you burn about 500 to 600 kcal

Infrared stimulates cellular metabolism, ensures cell renewal and helps restore the proper functioning of the nervous system. Detoxifies the body. Too high a level of stress and toxicity (toxicity) affects the body's natural ability to heal. The infrared gives cells a boost that they need again. The metabolism will improve and it improves the blood flow. Infrared provides better fat burning through heat rays that penetrate up to 4 cm under the skin. The improved circulation helps relieve pain and revitalize skin and muscle tissue. It is as if the battery of our body is being charged. The infrared promotes muscle relaxation and makes muscles and joints more flexible and flexible. Your vitality increases and you regain energy.


Cellulite starts with a deterioration in blood circulation. The nutrients intended for the cells are no longer (as before) regularly supplied and removed, but they accumulate in the zones between the fat cells. These accumulations create a certain "tension" called "edema." The skin feels tense and swollen. The capillaries are compressed, which does not benefit the blood circulation. As a result, moisture is retained. The cells are compressed and the supply of nutrients and the removal of waste materials is made more difficult. The cells "clump together" in groups. This results in the "balls" or "knots" that you feel under the skin surface. The distance between the cells is reduced and this reduces the blood circulation even more. The natural fat removal process stagnates, causing an orange peel.


Since there are several reasons for the body to retain water, it can be difficult to identify certain symptoms. The following symptoms are possible:

Swelling of affected body parts - The fluid is retained, such as swelling of feet, knees and ankles, among other things.
Rapid weight gain - Some people can gain weight in a short period of time. This has nothing to do with fat or overweight, the body does not drain the liquid as it normally does. D