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Training Teeth Whitening.

€ 200,00

Teeth Whitening with certificate!
Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is very popular. That is why more and more beauty salons offer this in their practice. However, without knowledge and experience it is difficult to perform the treatment correctly.

spa-savannah offers a specialist training in teeth whitening.

The course
This practical training lasts a maximum of one half day (approximately 3 hours) and is aimed at practitioners working in a beauty salon or beauty salon, and starting entrepreneurs.

The Teeth Whitening course is a 1-to-1 course in which you, as the only participant, receive all the attention from us. We advise to bring a model. No prior knowledge is required; all aspects of peroxide-free bleaching are covered in the course.

Course layout
What does the Teeth Whitening training look like? At the beginning you will learn the theoretical basis of cosmetic teeth whitening with the help of the course material.

Subjects that will be discussed are:
- History Teeth Whitening (before and after 2016)
- Hydrogen peroxide versus non-peroxide bleaching
- Difference between beauty salon and dental practice
- Color determination of teeth
- Expectation pattern and result
- Treatment methods
- Pretreatment
- Bit versus mouth spreader
- Apply the whitening gel
- Aftercare

Get started yourself
After the theory part you will get to work yourself. You will learn the tricks of the trade from the trainer. In addition to applying the gel properly and precisely, you will also learn to work as efficiently as possible. This keeps the costs low. Afterwards you will be able to make the correct diagnosis and perform the treatment properly, safely and efficiently. spa-savannah takes a personal and practical approach, so that you develop yourself into a fully-fledged teeth whitening specialist.

Starter package
We provide training at the Beauty Relax Spa Savannah building

Do you need a tooth whitening lamp? Then check out our teeth whitening lamp page

Don't have a lamp yet? You can also rent them for your course day here

Don't forget to order your Teeth Whitening starter pack here


Duration of the training:

1 day 4 hours

Home study practice:

About 4 hours