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Training Eyelash Extensions One by One.

€ 150,00

One by One eyelash extensions
Eyelash extension with One-By-One looks natural and perfect, as if you were blessed with long lashes. Every morning you wake up with perfect lashes, and you hardly have to apply makeup. Mascara is no longer necessary and even eye pencil is no longer necessary. Eyelash extensions are also perfect for the holidays, simply because you don't have to worry about it and when you get out of the pool you still look beautiful! In short, the long lashes that every woman dreams of! Once you start it, you don't want anything else…

Advantages One-by-one technique
* A fresh and natural look

* Mascara, eyelash dye and eyelash curler are no longer needed

* Weightless, you will not feel the eyelash extensions

* Resistant to water, tear fluid, sauna, sun & sea

* Perfect solution for on vacation

* 24/7 a beautiful natural look

* Does not damage the natural eyelashes

* Completely painless

Need the One by One Mink eyelash extensions stuff?

We give the course 1 to 1 so that all attention will go to you this day!

Check out our eyelash extensions page

We provide training at the Beauty Relax Spa Savannah building


Duration of the training:

1 day 4 hours

Home study practice:

About 4 hours