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Professional Glue Ring.

€ 14,99 € 12,99
Professional Glue Ring.

Disposable glue rings for eyelash extension glue. Practical tool instead of the Jade stone. Easy to attach your finger. Ideal for the stylist who wants to work quickly.

The glue rings are convenient to use, because the distance when you stick the eyelash extensions on your hand is very small and you therefore accelerate the treatment.


What is the best humidity / temperature for eyelash extension glue?

We recommend keeping the humidity between 45% - 60%, temperature between 20 ° C - 25 ° C.
The higher the humidity level (eg in a room) the faster the product hardens.

If your humidity is too high, the eyelash glue will not cure properly and shock polymerization will take place. This results in a weaker bond with the natural lash.

If the humidity is too low, the curing time will be slower, because there is not enough moisture to "heal" the eyelash glue and your client will get stuck again, making the glue hard and stiff. (a so-called shock polymerization) The latter causes a shrinking process of the adhesive layer, which leads to less bond strength.