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20 pcs Siliconen Make Up eyelash brush.

€ 5,95

With these handy mascara brushes from Flawlash you can easily brush your eyelash extensions. Use them when putting on eyelash extensions. Also perfect to give out of service to your customers. Always advise your customers on how best to care for the extensions.

The effectiveness of a mascara all boils down to the brush. Because good brush plays an important role in the definition of the eyelash. That is why disposable mascara brushes are the number 1 for professional lash stylists. Because they want to prevent those annoying eye infections by double dipping. So very perfect for quick hygienic use. Great for eyebrows, mascara application and mascara lump combing for beautifully separated lashes.

Use a new brush for each customer for hygienic working. These brushes are smaller than the normal mascara brushes. Super fine and separates every eyelash hair or eyelash extension.

Packed per 20 pieces.