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Eyelash air pump.

€ 4,95

Air blower for eyelash extensions
You use air blower for eyelash extensions to accelerate the drying of the glue. The air blower is a must have in your salon


Speed up the drying of eyelash glue with the Air blower!
The air blower is a simple and effective solution to accelerate the drying of the glue when applying eyelash extensions.


How does the air blower work?
With the Air blower for eyelash extensions, you manually blow a little air with this pump along the newly applied eyelash extensions. With the pipe on the pump you can easily determine the direction and you can precisely focus on the applied lashes. This accelerates the drying process of the glue. A must have with every eyelash extension treatment in your salon.



Air blower features
Available per piece
Pump size approx. 10 cm long and approx. 6 cm wide
Tube on the pump is about 5 cm long
colour black