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Derma pen.

€ 240,00

The Derma Beauty Pen is an advanced, automated fractional micro-needling device with adjustable needle length aimed at repairing and renewing the skin by stimulating the regeneration process.

The Derma Beauty Pen is ideal for the treatment of various skin problems:
- scars
- stretch marks
- anti-aging
- wrinkles
- cellulites
- hair loss
- hyperpigmentation

The DermaSyis Beauty Pen has an adjustable needle length of 0.25 - 2.5 mm and 5 adjustable speeds (5000-12000 rpm) and is suitable for professionals and experienced home users. The Derma Beauty Pen also has a double battery so that you can continue to use the device wirelessly if one battery is empty.

What is the difference between the Derma Beauty Pen and the electric doctor pen
The main difference between these 2 is that the Derma Beauty Pen works with a battery and can therefore be used wirelessly. The Electric dermastamp deluxe must be kept powered during use.

* Make sure you clean and disinfect the cartridges well before and after use with 80% alcohol
* The cartridges are for personal use and should not be lent to others.
* Take care of your skin after use with vitamin C, hyaluron serum or any other serum

- DermaSyis Beauty Pen
- 2 pcs lithium battery
- Adapter: 6V-300MA
- 2 cartridges 12 needles
- luxury aluminum case