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Hydro Dermabrasie xl tower.

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Hydro Dermabrasie xl tower.


Hydro Dermabrasion beauty xl tower


For a smooth, renewed and radiant skin!

Hydrodermabrasion is the successor to microdermabrasion and combines microdermabrasion and "no needle mesotherapy".

The result is a smooth, renewed and radiant skin!

How does Hydrodermabrasion work?

Old skin cells and imperfections are removed with the help of a diamond tip. This is done under vacuum, whereby the skin is “opened up”. This moment is used to contain active ingredients. This combination of microdermabrasion and "no needle mesotherapy" reinforces each other and makes it a wonderful treatment.

Tailored to your skin type

With the help of 10 different diamond tips, we can adapt the treatment to your skin type and the intended result. By using different serums we can tailor the treatment to your wishes. The different serums make it possible to tackle specific skin problems such as:


dry / dehydrated skin;


fat skin;

pigmentation spots;



Eczema / inflammation;




Hyaluronic acid serum (for dry or dehydrated skin)

Hyaluron molecules are known for their capacity to absorb moisture. These molecules are able to expand up to 30 times. This fills imperfections in your skin (similar to a sponge). Hyaluronic acid is a skin's own substance so it is not harmful and produces very natural results. This serum also contains ingredients such as Allantoin and Glycerine that enhance moisture absorption. The use of this serum improves the skin texture; fine lines and wrinkles are filled and the production of collagen is stimulated. Finally, the components Chamomile and Panthenol provide a soothing effect.

Serum for glowing skin (for dull skin, spots)

This serum is based on the three main ingredients arbutin, kojic acid and mulberry extract. With this composition, dark spots in the skin and other skin discolorations can be faded. The active ingredients inhibit melanin production. The ingredient Aloe vera is also added to this serum for a soothing effect. The addition of glycerine soothes the skin and will reduce irritation and redness. 

Salicylic acid serum (for acne, oily, combination, blemished skin)

Salicylic acid has a three-fold effect; It regulates the production of sebum, it purifies the skin and it softens the stratum corneum, making comedones much easier to treat. This serum is very suitable for sensitive skin. Due to the addition of aloe vera, this serum has a soothing soothing effect.