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Tandenbleek gel ( de luxe).

€ 5,00

whitening gel 0.01% whitening gel
With 1 syringe you can treat +/- 2 customers of 2 times 20min

Beautytec's luxury whitening gel is a strong whitening gel based on sodium bicarbonate. The Plus whitening gel contains a special addition to remove stains / deposits that are difficult to treat.

Recommended use: teeth whitening of smokers, avid coffee drinkers and lovers of, for example, Red Bull and red wine.

Treatment advice:
Put the cloth around the client's index finger and spray the activation spray on the fingerbrush
Ask the client to brush the teeth with the fingerbrush
Place the mouth spreader in the mouth (corners) of the patient
Apply the whitening gel directly to the teeth and spread it with the brush
Turn the lamp on and aim the lamp at the teeth for 20 to 25 minutes
Remove the gel from the teeth
If necessary, repeat steps 4 through 6
Rinse with water.

Advise the client to consume as little food / drinks with dyes as possible during the first 12 hours after treatment. No coffee, no red wine, no smoking, etc ...


Ingredients de luxe teeth whitening gel
Hydrogen Peroxide 0.01, Sodium, Silica, Hydroxide, Natural Flavor, Carbomer, Povidone, Carbamide Peroxide, Glycerin, Sodium Saccharin, Aqua, EDTA, Phthalo Green.