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Diode laser 808 nm mobile.

€ 6.000,00



The Diode Laser is known as a very powerful weapon against excessive hair.

The new Beautytec Diode-Laser 2019 responds to this trend and meets all modern requirements.

The Laser 2019 diode has a powerful working power of 2000 W and a treatment head of 14 x 14 mm.

This diode laser is suitable for both "single-pass" and "multi-pass" hair removal (SHR).

The "multi-pass" diode technique (also called "Super Hair Removal" or "In-Motion Technique") is very popular and gives excellent results.

The Beautytec Diode-Laser 2018 is provided with the required CE mark.

The diode Laser 2019 is equipped with an ergonomic handpiece with contact cooling for comfortable and painless treatment.

The device weighs 20 kg

force is 6-50j / cm2

frequency is 80-200mj

water and air cooled

cooled to -5 with sapphire head