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Lichttherapie Led apparaat.

€ 189,00 € 169,00
Lichttherapie Led apparaat.

The light therapy LED device for home use or in the beauty salon
The light therapy LED device contains no less than 287 LED lights. This device uses four different wavelengths, each with its specific treatment indications. Different wavelengths affect the skin in their own way. Great for treating many skin conditions. The red LED light is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and wound healing. The blue LED light has a destructive effect. Abroad, LED therapy for the face is a real hit. Conduct LED therapy at home or in the beauty salon. This LED device is for the face and body parts. The device is easy to place over body parts. Think for example of your legs, arms or belly, lie with this body part under this LED device and your skin will recover.

630nm - Red Light
Red light penetrates deeper into the skin and has a skin-improving effect. This wavelength stimulates the production of the fibroblasts (the main connective tissue cell) in the production of collagen and elastin. This makes the skin plumper and tighter. Improve the skin structure and the tension of the skin. The blood circulation of the skin is stimulated. Ideal for the treatment of pigmentation spots, sun damage, wounds, skin slackening and skin aging.

415nm - Blue Light
The blue light is the least deep in the skin and works mainly superficially. This wavelength is used for acne. It improves the skin by creating oxygen at the correct depth in the skin, destroying the Proprioni bacteria (which in many cases occur with acne). Reduce pimples and redness and minimize skin inflammation. After a peeling, the blue light is recommended.

Green light
The green light restores pigmentation spots.
Reduces fine lines.
Nourishes aging skin.
Accelerates the healing process of wound healing.
Lightens scars.
590 nm Yellow light
Improves oxygen in the cells of the skin.
Gives the skin energy again.
Treats red skin.
Blurs wrinkles.
Treats hard skin.