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Light Therapy Led Face Mask Neck.

€ 100,00 € 99,00
Light Therapy Led Face Mask Neck.

Light therapy led face mask neck
The light therapy led face mask neck for home use. The light therapy LED face mask neck contains no less than 180 LED lights and uses seven different wavelengths, each with its specific treatment indications. By combining different wavelengths, multiple processes in the skin can be influenced simultaneously. Great for treating many skin conditions. The red LED light is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and wound healing. The blue LED light has a destructive effect. Abroad, LED therapy for the face is a real hit. Led therapy can be performed both at home and in the beauty salon.

Brightness = intensity of the light (the higher, the sharper the light) A1 to A9

Time ▼ = adjust time down

Time ▲ = adjust time upwards

Color / start = choose color (8) and start device, C0 to C8

Flicker = choice of mask to be set to flashing position

Micro electric ▼ = adjust electric massage knobs down (softer)

Micro electric ▲ = adjust electric massage knobs upwards (harder)

Colors of the light therapy led mask:
C0 = None
C1 = Red
C2 = Green
C3 = Blue
C4 = Light Yellow
C5 = Purple
C6 = Light Blue
C7 = White (Infrared)
C8 = Combination of all colors in sequence
What is LED light therapy?
Light emitting diode (LED) light therapy is growing in popularity with beauticians and home users alike. The technique uses different wavelengths that have their own characteristics. LED light therapy is often used to treat acne, inflammation and anti-aging and is also ideal for this because of the good results.

Are you disappointed in the results of over-the-counter skin products that provide little to no results for your skin condition. In all likelihood, your skin is suitable for LED light therapy, this therapy form is suitable for all skin types and skin colors. The only two exceptions there are when using certain medications and an active skin disease, it is not recommended to start with LED light therapy. If in doubt, please consult your doctor.

Is LED light therapy safe?
In contrast to other forms of light therapy, LED lamps do not contain any UV radiation, so this form of therapy is suitable for regular use.
LED light therapy does not cause burns, unlike other anti-aging treatments such as laser therapy, dermabrasion and chemical peels. It appears to be a safe method for all skin types and skin tones.
If you use accutane for acne or experience skin irritations, it is wise to stop using LED light therapy.
Few side effects are known, but options for skin treatments are often inflammation, redness and irritation.
Ease of treatment

The most common treatment duration is between 20 and 30 minutes. We recommend to undergo treatment at least once a week for 10 weeks for a good result. The appliance has a maximum duration of 60 minutes and a minimum duration of 5 minutes.

Is it effective

When used properly, LED light therapy can significantly improve your skin. What is important to mention here is that it is important to continue the treatment.


LED light therapy is no stranger to skin therapy and has an established name. It was first used in 1990 at U.S. Navy Seals to heal wounds faster and repair damaged muscle fibers.

From that moment, there is plenty of research into the treatment method, especially in the beauty industry. What especially emerges is that LED light therapy mainly stimulates the production of collagen and tissue, making the skin smooth and even and so that wrinkles, age spots and acne are reduced.

There are different frequencies or wavelength of the light. For example, there is a red and blue frequency. These frequencies are well absorbed and transmitted through the skin without the use of UV radiation.

Red light

Red light or infrared light treats the epidermis (outer layer of the skin). The red light focused on the epidermis ensures the production of collagen proteins.

The theory is that the more collagen there is in the skin, the smoother and plumper your skin looks. As a result, fewer wrinkles and fine lines are visible. Another property of red LED light is that it inhibits inflammation and increases blood circulation. A consequence of this can be a healthy color on the cheeks

Blue Light

The blue light focuses on the sebaceous glands. These are also called oil glands and are located under the hair follicles. The sebaceous glands are necessary to nourish your skin and hair and keep it greasy so that your skin and hair do not dry out. The case