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Hyaluron pen .

€ 149,99 € 129,99
Hyaluron pen .

With this hyaluronic pen, wrinkles, age marks and lips are filled with hyaluronic acid without the use of a needle. The hyaluron pen works on the basis of high air pressure that works through the first layers of skin. Treatment with this pen is quick and painless.


What is a Hyaluron pen?
A treatment with a hyaluron pen is a filler treatment without a needle. With the hyaluron pen, lips, wrinkles, smokers' lines, nose-lip folds and puppet lines can be treated. The Hyaluron pen works on the basis of high air pressure. In this way, the hyaluronic acid is distributed evenly.


The 8 advantages of a hyaluron pen:
Guaranteed result.
Result lasts an average of 4 to 8 months (depending on quantity, of course).
You feel better because the appearance gets a boost.
Your own authentic look is retained.
You own a hyaluron pen.
You decide when to use pen (or with a friend).
Use is painless, possibly a scare moment of the air pressure.
Pen can also be purchased for salon use.