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Mesogun Lips training.

€ 450,00

Mesogun lips are used during the mesogun training

All equipment and products are for sale through the Beautytec.nl wholesaler

With this practical training you will learn how to set and use the Mesogun, how to choose the right needle and how to use the correct amount of fillers. In addition, you learn to perform various treatments on a model.

A filler is embedded in the skin by means of small pricks in the skin with the Mesogun. Beautytec.nl works with fillers that have been approved at the highest level, such as Saypha and Revolax

During the course you can work with the mesogun Beautytec.nl or with the mesogun you buy here.


Content master mesogun lips:

Skin analysis
Surface cleaning
Hydration and skin improvement of the lips and environment
Softening smoking lines
Wrinkles in the mouth, upper lip,
Correct drooping corners of the mouth
filling in the nasal lip fold
Contouring and more volume of lips
Correcting a left and right difference
Apply fillers
Needle selection and use of needle
Draw up a treatment plan
Indications and contraindications

Compulsory prior knowledge or training
You do not need compulsory prior education for this course


The package contains the following parts:

Products and materials
Training book
1 ml filler
Information package and questionnaire for the client
Day training Duration of training:

3 hours we give the training 1 to 1 so that all attention really goes to you this day.