VIP bleach lamp NEW 2 Lamps.

€ 2.900,00

VIP bleach lamp NEW 2 Lamps.

€ 2.900,00

This set is without starter pack and without course.

Cozy with two friends to earn even more in the same time.


Fully automated by the micro processor.

The best, most powerful and effective way of teeth whitening with this high-end whitening lamp.

Take your salon to another level with this lamp, and make your customers smile even whiter. Be there now so that your salon is above all others with this tooth-whitening lamp.

The rest is word of mouth that does the work for you.

Computer controlled,

Faster, more powerful and more effective. That is the very latest system in the field of professional teeth whitening. The lamp has an intelligent microprocessor that automatically adjusts the bleaching power to the bleaching temperature. This way you get an optimal bleaching result.


Hygiene has also been thought of in the VIP tooth whitening lamp. With the NO-TOUCH system it is possible to switch the lamp on and off with a sensor without touching the lamp. This swipe function also gives you a very professional and hygienic way of working

Teeth whitening lamp VIP

The latest technology

Teeth whitening has never been so safe and so white


incl starter pack as described below.

Course / Training Teeth Whitening

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