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Body analysis machine.

€ 4.999,00


product Introduction:
Body analysis machine with coin insertion.

Everything is printed from the machine.


Machine adopts microcomputer control and can do the following automatically.



measure height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, fat percentage, fat mass and body composition, body temperature (custom) or blood oxygen (custom).


At the same time, it can display the BMI value and connect to the computer for archiving. Foldable and equipped with wheel, this model is convenient and flexible to move, and it uses imported ultrasonic probe for height measurement and accurate sensor for weight measurement. It is also equipped with an 8-inch color LCD touch screen for clearer and easier operation, more convenient and faster measurement and more accurate measurement results, which greatly improves the efficiency and quality of physical control.

An exquisite appearance makes this machine more noble and elegant. Reliable quality assurance and perfect after-sales service also ensure that the machine is rapidly gaining popularity and becoming the ideal choice for hospitals, schools, beauty salons gyms, physical control centers and other related departments and units.


Main function
* Height, weight, BMI

* Blood pressure, heart rate

* Fat mass, basal metabolism

* Coin or paper money operated (optional and custom made)

* Voice broadcast and print the measurement result with a thermal printer

* Temperature (optional and custom made))

* Body composition (optional and custom made)

* blood oxygen (optional and custom made)

* 19-inch LCD advertising screen (optional and custom-made) and 8-inch touchscreen

* Land wheel (optional and custom made) and Folding

* Connected to computer via wired Rs232 interface

(standard) or wireless WIFI and Bluetooth (optional and customized)


Material: Iron

Own weight: 42kg

height: 237cm

Working voltage: 220V 50Hz / 60Hz

Standby: power 10W

Weight measurement: 1-500kg

Height measurement: 80-200cm

Accuracy: 0.5 cm / 0.1 kg