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Lipo laser second.

€ 2.499,00


1. Fat Burning, Slimming, Body Shaping
2. Effectively promote tissue metabolism and blood circulation, better for whiter skin
3. improve orange peel organization
4. strengthen skin elasticity
5. Repair striate gravid arum
6. Anti-aging for face and body



1. Adopt the leading technology ultrasonic lipolysis in the world
2. color touch screen with clear treatment parameters, friendly operation
Digital frequency control system, energy output evenly, accurately and stably, make sure parameter can not drifting
4. suitable for all kinds of skin
5.5 --- 20 minutes per session of treatment, no impact on your work or study
6. No pain, no cut, no scar, no any side effect.
7. No rebound, long lasting result!
8. Easy operation, easy study.



Treated Scope
Orange skin fatness
Tighten the skin tissue, avoid sagging
Improve Flexibility of the fibroblast
Edema obesity
Plain obesity
Breakdown of fatness on all or part of the body


CO2 Laser Style: Portable type

Laser certification: CE ISO function

Weight LossLaser Type: Diode LaserLaser

Wave Length: 635-650nm

Maximum Output Power: 400 W.

Single Output: 50 mW

Number of Diode: 10x9 + 4x3 = 102

diode timer: 30 minutes

maxOutput Frequency: 1Hz to 1000Hz

Adjustable Power: 150W Weight 16kg

Large: 62 * 46 * 43 CM

Application: For Commercial & Home Use