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High class mobile cardiac ultrasound with 3d / 4d software and PW CW mode.

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Fast data:

type: Doppler ultrasound equipment
Brand Name: Sonoscape
model number: S12
Instrument classification: Class II
Item: Mobile Cardiac Ultrasound
3D imaging: Yes
4D imaging: Optional
CW mode: Yes
Cardiology measurement package: Yes
Gynecology measurement package: Yes
Urology measurement package: Yes
Vascular measurement package: Yes
Small parts measurement package: Yes
Orthopedic measurement package: Yes


Product Application


Mobile Cardiac Ultrasound S12 adopts the advanced Ultrasonic Doppler technologies, including the Full Digital Super-wide Band Beam Former, Digital Dynamic Focus, Variable Aperture and Dynamic Tracing, Wide Band Dynamic Range, Multi-beam Processing, etc. The ultrasound diagnostic software in ergonomic design can be customized and easily carried out by users. Based on the computer technology and Linux operating system, this ultrasound system is reliable and stable. system maintenance and upgrade can be completed by updating software to achieve product improvements and advanced technology. Complied with international standards and regulations, this ultrasound system is safe and effective.



♦ deliver
The ultrasonic examination of the liver is a relatively high informative method. the doctor evaluates the dimensions of the liver, its structure and homogeneity, local disturbances as well as the blood flow state. The ultrasonic examination ensures detecting both diffuse changes in the liver (liver steatosis, chronic active liver disease, cirrhosis) and local (fluid formalities and tumor mass).

♦ the gallbladder and bile passages
Besides the liver itself, the state of the gallbladder and bile passages has also been examined: their size, the thickness of the paries, patency, the presence of concrements, the state of the connective tissue.
In most cases the ultrasonic examination ensures detecting the concrements in the bile.

♦ Pancreatic gland
during the examination of the pancreatic gland the doctors can evaluate the size, shape, boundaries, homogeneity of parenchyma, the presence of formalities.

♦ kidney and atrabiliary capsules, retroperitoneal space
during the examination of the kidney the doctors evaluate their number, arrangement, dimensions, shape, boundaries, structure of parenchyma and pelvicalyceal system. The ultrasonic examination ensures detecting the anomalies of the kidney, the presence of concrements, fluid formalities and tumor mass as well as changes due to inveterate and pathological lancinating processes in kidney. The ultrasonic examination can be used for detection of the indication of intestinal obstruction and indirect indication of adhesive process. With the help of ultrasonic examination the doctor can detect the presence of free liquid in the abdominal cavity (if it is in a big number) that can play an important role in the treatment policy of a number of therapeutic and surgical conditions and injuries.

♦ thyroid
The ultrasonic examination is crucial in the examination of the thyroid gland because it establishes the presence of ganglions, hydatids, changes in size and structure.

♦ cardiology, cardiosurgery
echocardiography is the ultrasonic diagnosis of heart diseases. this study evaluates the dimensions of the heart and its specific structures (ventricle of the heart, auricle, ventricular septum, thickness of ventricular myocardium, auricle etc.) the presence and volume of fluid in the pericardial "pericardial sac", the state the valves. With the help of special calculations and sizing echocardiology ensures detecting the heart mass, contractility of the ejection fraction, etc. There are special guides that help observe during the operation the state of the mitral valve located between the ventricle and auricle.

♦ Tocology, gynecology, prenatal diagnosis
The ultrasonic examination has been used to examine the internal genital neoplasms, the gravid uterus state, anatomy and monitoring of embryo-fetal development. this effect is widely used in tocology because hawker sound can easily registered. early pregnancy the sound gets through the bladder. when the hawker is filled with the liquid the behavior starts the sound. the position of the placenta is detected by the sounds of blood getting through it, and within 9-10 weeks of the moment of the fetation the doctor can beat his heart. the number of fetuses and fetal death are detected with the help of ultrasound examination

♦ muscle and skeletal exams
The ultrasonic examination has been used to detect traumatic injuries and inflammatory disease of joints (shoulder, knee, etc.), muscles, bands, meniscus chorda, osteoarthritis.